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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Harold and Kumar

A few weeks ago jake, seikle and I watched a movie that i think should win a damn oscar! HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE. i have to say that it is truly one of a kind. Not to ruin the movie or ne thing, i have to say some highlight parts that should hopefully wanna make everyone go out and rent it. First the movie has Dukie Howser in it, enough said. Also the main stars ride a cheetah, and my favorite... the scene when kumar is in love with a giant bag of weed and yells at it and has sex with ( i know it sounds gross but its not like that). Its fuckin hilarious! Also that movie gave me an insight to my next blog. After watchin the movie u have a sudden craze for those nasty ass little burgers. Hell two weeks lata i had one.

Friday, April 08, 2005


So I realized I am really behind on this blog thing? I also know there is Xanga too? O well thought I would throw that in. Anyways I mentioned in a previous entry about hideous fashion trends now out. Ok so has anyone seen those ugly ass shoes that look like a mix between mocasins/slippers/indian shoes??? They are at like Abercrombie, Gadzooks, Areo.... and tons of other shoes stores. They are hiedous! Fashion companies like Taunt are makin this ugly ass shoes and people are wearing them. Also prom dress for 05' ! Big ass poofy dresses rainbow color or what Ginny and I expierecned. Hers looked like a ballet tutu and mines was a bridesmaid dress from hell. Imagine the possibilities of what it could of looked like. Stores that I love like Windsor and Wet seal and Debs, are selling this disgusting dresses. So next time someone goes out, take notice and have a laugh.. (TBS)

Monday, April 04, 2005

A brief Update!

So not too much is new. Since St. pattys i have managed to still keep busy. Just for reference to myself i have to still do some blogs from before, and i am now adding some about, harold and Kumar, h0w boring tiffin is, this shitty ass weather, the one great day of weather, the new work out plane, my clubbin expierence, my first bite of a white castle burger, and monoploy at tjs, o ya and the new bet also. Well that is the basic sum up of events. To get the full detail of what has been goin on... look at other blogs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Game from Hell

So everyone hopefully knows www.ebaumsworld.com? well they have funny shit and like games on there and stuff and there is this new game called doors. It is like a detective game and you have to find your way out of this house and why you were even lost in the house in the first place. It is an ok game, its the type, once you start it you have to finish it. So if you think you are up for the challange please try it. Ginny and I were able to get to the end but we do not know how to finish it. If you get stuck and just want to beat the end, comment on this blog and I will write back tellin u how to get where ginn and I ended! Its impossible!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another creative night.....

Last night was another great night. First me gin, jamie, sara and crutches went shoppin. I now realized that whoever the new designers are suck ass. That will be talked about in another blog. SO ....to sum up shopping, we ate some good food, got starred at by a creepy guy, realized there was only a hour to shop, saw a lot of kids, prego ladies and sales! Ginny couldnt find her shoes, jamie wanted shoes, sara had like 10 rubberbands around her neck, cruthes has an unusal knowledge about fashion and gin and i tried on prom dress that will also be talked about in the next blog. Afterwards we went to jakes to party with nate and mike. It was fun all since i wasant the only girl. Sara and ginny went the game was on, some team called Wake was playin and thats all i know about it and care to know about it. Gin, sara, crutches, nate me and mike played fuck the dealer and mike got fucked. We then played bus driver and mike rode the bus. "im riding the fucking bus!" -Mike. Later me and seikel fought and i got my ass kicked, matt realixed he messed up, mike and i played one on one beer pong, i slapped nate, gin got the last laugh, and then it turned gay. Seikel and matt wrestled on the ground together. Mike and Nate were not impressed speaking last time it was a "sausage fest" as well and jake and josh were fighting e/o with a "17 inch black cock" - Mike. lata i trailed through the mud jumped a fence partied at barbours, talked to a tool, punched jacob in the stomache later on dustin, bong some more beers, jumped the fence again, ripped my pants, ate some EZ Mac and passed out literally.... ask jake.... Wow! it was quite a night


Well St Pattys day was def. a night to remember! I had such a blast with everyone. We started the day off around 3pm over and zellers. They had jello shots adn lets just say i over did it a lil right then and there. Jake and I played some beer pong, liek 6 games over and over. Around 5 we thought we should go back to the dorms to get nathan. I then realized i have the smartest boyfriend alive when he hid beer in a cheese-its box! We drank a lil in the dorms and then decided after we were all ready hammered that nathan, jake, nick and I would start again at zellers. We got a lil drunky playin more beer pong, and doin more jello shots. They hid them from me but i found them! I managed to steal some phone books and handed those out as presents so that was fun. Another interesting part was when jake stole some liquor from this party. It was absolute vodka.......peepar! In other words it was pepper flavored. Never before in my life did i want to die! it was so bad that i made myself throw it up. After that we went to scott and jennys hung out there got some taco bell, jake ran into some big ghetto guy went back to scott and jennys ended up at barbours and kicked some ass in flip cup. It was quite a night of drinking speakin i drank around 15 beers endless jello shots and vodka over a ten hour time span it was bad but i had a blast!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

In the End

In the end it was a really good spring break. I got to meet and party with jakes friends, Almost get arrested w. cara and seikle, almost die on the way home from the Cavs game, partied with my old but crew, sang to disney when sober, went shoppin twice, saw some movies (Hostage was good as hell!), saw three famous people, and just kicked it and relaxed! I had a great time and now im ready for school to start again and more importantly finish!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cavs Game

Tuesday Cara, Phil , Jake and I all went to Cleveland for a lil double date. It was nutz! First it is great that Philly and Jake get along good. We all went up and went shoppin at Tower City Mall. My darling boyfriend Jake challenged me to a game of (the ABCs) on the way up. That will be saved for another blog. Anyways we went and decided to do a lil shopping before the game at 7pm. We All cara and I heard from phil that it was a mall for girls! " This mall is built for girls " over amd over. Now that i have a landlord i realized my heavy shoppin days are over. I did manage to get a cute poncho from Abercrombie, and i think Gin has it but oh well. Anyways phil made out good too. Some BGSU bball girls were there and phil thought it would be nessacry to shout "GO BG" nice phil they thought we were physcos. Anyways lata we went to eat at Hard Rock. Jake was in an ecspeacially sarcastic mood as well as phil so it made it to be quick an interesting dinner. Our waitress thought it was nessacry to refer to all of us as "sweetheart". Cara was not amused. After dinner we went to the Cavs vs. Orlando game.... the Cavs started there winning streak that night. Cara and I both happened to look at the big screen at the same time only to see new co- owner of the team USHER! I was extremely excited as well as cara aside from jake who was not impressed. Cara and I watched his every move. He was with Jermaine Depry! It kicked ass except i got screwed. We had great seats but it seemed nothing free like tshirts, pizza or lottery tickets came my way..... i was sad. The ride home was interesting but that will be saved for another blog as well.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Friday w/ knives

So i came home friday afternoon with jake excpecting a good weekend. Not saying it wasant, it was just interesting all around. Friday night Jake to his best friends to drink. Me being to tired stayed in and kicked it with my mom. She gave me this guilt trip about not being home a lot when i am home, whatever, she was sleeping soon enough and quality time was over. Gotta love her. (be back gotta eat) ok... so ya Cara and I decide to go to Benz's lata and it was a great time. Nottin like me, cara, dp, phil and todd singin to "A whole new world" from Aladdin! And then highlight was when phil grabbed steak knives and started screaming, "Lets play with knives! Lets play with knives!" Classic. Anyways that was it that night. I got a phone call around 12 from my darling boyfriend. He asks me to guess what he had in his lap right now? First me thinking it was the 17 inch dildo he brought for josh i said , "rambone?" No.. "pocket pussy?" (had to know the previous convos that day) finally i said i dunno and he says 7 cheesy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell. Wow! Anywas my first night home was def. interesting. It was great getting to see everyone and also accidentally turning DP on when i bit his cheek! woopps sorrry!!! :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The slave

So this week is national eating disorder week. In the bathroom they have wellness wipes that try to tell us girls not to get a low self esteem cause of movies stars. They say dont try to look like them. They have personal chefs, get air brushed, personal trainers... do you want that? HELL YES I WANT THAT! Ginny wants to make sure she looks good when she gets older. So i am promising her that I will buy her a slave when i am rich someday. He will be a sexy man and I will call him ..........TIBBLES!

Monday, February 28, 2005


Gin and I got an Apt at the View!! I cant wait till mid August when we move in! Its gonna kick ass

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Crazy Weekend

It was a great weekend. I got to spend Thursday night with my girl Cara and Jess! Jess just came back from Fl...again! We partied it up at mouse's place in BGSU. Jess and I kicked some ass in beer pong... could of played better though. The next night my boyfriend Jake came up and we kicked it in the dorms until that night. It was great because Caras boyfriend Phil, and jake became kinda close durning some one on one Madden.... boys! It gave me and cara sometime though to catch up. Lata that night we went to some Porter's house... HOT NAME! It was a big ass kegger. Cara and I...(drunkasses) pissed in the parking lot somewhere away from the party right under a street light... ya we are from a hick school! It was classic though and I had a blast. Last night Jake was supposed to throw a "summer" theme party but it ended up being a 16:1 - guy:girl ratio... me being the only girl! it was a good time though. Cant wait for the second part of it when there is actually a "summer theme" carried out. Im out to bed though my boy is passed out and it wasant even 11 yet.... gotta love it.. only some can handle a rough weekend of boozin!


Hey this is my first entry and I got nottin to talk about so I'm gonna leave it here till something comes up!